Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cushy Loves Macaroons

Marie Antoinette " Queen of Fashion" seen eating the most Exquisite Macaroons. In France, the coconut macaroon is known as the "congolais", while the almond flour version is simply called "macaron".
Macaroons are also known as "congolais" in France or "carajitos" in Spain. India, has its own variety of macaroon made with cashews and egg whites, so too has Turkey, a cookie called Acibadem Kurabivesi made with bitter Almonds.
When you think of Macaroons you think of Laduree, they are one of the finest purveyors of exceptional Macaroons which are simply to die for! The Macaroons come in the most gorgeous colours and adorable boxes, in fact the packaging is so exquisite when given, one almost feels like one has received the "Crown Jewels" fit for a Princess.
Something about Macaroons and Boudoir ................ maybe it's the Meringue like crystal frills along the edge of the Macaroon or simply the prettiest pastel colours that remind us, either way, they are the "Sweetest" and most beautiful ornamental of cookies on the planet!
If only your wardrobe was full of pastel Macaroon coloured shoes!

If I buy a Blue Bell coloured Macaroon will it taste of Blue Bell's, Blue Berries, or Blue Curacao?

These Raspberry Fondant Macaroons are so mouth wateringly devine.They could only be made for the "Bon Vivant" Macaroon Connoisseur.
"Marie Antoinette à la Rose", one of the most famous portraits of Marie Antoinette; it was meant to counteract the scandal caused by the "muslin" dress portrait, by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun
Rose, Camillia or Peony coloured Macaroons are so Romantic.
Pastel Cashmere coloured Macaroons in Elegant fine boxes from Pierre Herme.
Adorable Macaroon charms that look scrumptious enough to eat.

This shoot makes us "Smile"
There is something about Ochre, Pale Ochre and Sunshine colours that make us feel "Happy".
For years, Yellow ribbons were worn as a sign of "Hope" as women waited from their men to come marching home from war. Yellow has also represented "Courage" in (Japan) and for Merchants in (India), along with "Peace".
Honey Bun, Cup Cake, Fairy Cakes, Fondants, but more importantly ..... Macaroons!

"Endless streams of "Oodles and miles and miles of Macaroons adorning Patisserie Parlours all over the world". Sugary dreams and pastel rainbows wrapped in special ribboned packages what more could a Girl ask for!"

"Love is a Macaroon"

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